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            2. Requirement

            3. Software Download

            4. How to run job Abaqus in UTM HPC

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Version: 6.9, 6.12, 6.14


Product simulation is often performed today by engineering groups using niche simulation tools from different vendors to simulate various design attributes. The use of multiple vendor software products creates inefficiencies and increases costs. SIMULIA delivers a scalable suite of unified analysis products that allow all users, regardless of their simulation expertise or domain focus, to collaborate and seamlessly share simulation data and approved methods without loss of information fidelity.

– For finite element analysis and computer-aided engineering.
– 24 Cores.
– Packaged for 20 users with unlimited research license.


Step 1: Please register to UTM HPC Account
Step 2: HPC admin (hpc@utm.my) will sent HPC account and Abaqus Software Installation Manual to your email.
Step 3: Please print screen your personal computer HOSTNAME and email to hpc@utm.my. The requirement of this HOSTNAME is for allows a user to use Abaqus software on a personal computer. How to get HOSTNAME as follows

1. Run Command Prompt
2. Type hostname and Enter

How to get your hostname: Download

Software Download

You can download Abaqus software to be installed on a personal computer as link below:
Abaqus 6.14: Windows/Linux

How to run job Abaqus in UTM HPC

Submit a Abaqus job

In the example below the input files 1_mass_coarse.inp will be run after submit a job using PBS script, pbs-script. For example, create a submission script file called pbs-script that contains the lines below. This example requests one node and eight processor cores.


# Edit number of CPU
#PBS -l nodes=1:ppn=8

# Edit walltime
#PBS -l walltime=00:10:00

# Edit jobname
#PBS -N abaqus.test

# Edit Queue name - default = academicgrid
#PBS -q academicgrid

# Edit Job name

module load abaqus/6.14

# Do not edit
cpus=$(wc -l $PBS_NODEFILE | awk '{print $1}')
for n in $(sort -u $PBS_NODEFILE)
mp_host_list="${mp_host_list}['$n',$(grep -c $n $PBS_NODEFILE)],"
mp_host_list=$(echo ${mp_host_list} | sed -e "s/,$/]/")
echo "mp_host_list=${mp_host_list}" > abaqus_v6.env
echo "abaquslm_license_file=\"27000@ce.utmgrid.utm.my\"" >> abaqus_v6.env
echo "mp_rsh_command = 'ssh -x -n -l %U %H %C'" >> abaqus_v6.env

# Go to the directory from which you submitted the job

#run job - do not edit
abaqus mp_mode=MPI cpus=$cpus job=$JOB interactive

Transfering Files & Submitting Job

Then, upload the submission script above and your input file to the HPC using WinSCP tool. To submit a job, please using a Putty tool and run the command below. How to access the HPC server, please go to our New User Guide page.
Submit the Abaqus submission job to the queue:

Users can submit the job using two options as below. The pbs-script name below is the name of your submission script.

qsub -q bigmem pbs-script
qsub -q hpc pbs-script
Please note that queue for hpc above have 8 core’s for each cluster/node so if you are using this cluster please make sure in the script, you state “ppn=8″ to make sure your job can run.


Sample instruction to run job ABAQUS script. Example as stated at http://hpc.fkm.utm.my/.

Contact Us

Any problem about HPC, please email to hpc@utm.my or our facebook (ABAQUS)